Best beaches in Thessaloniki – Guide

Greece is rich in sunny beaches, stunning resorts, and historical landmarks. If you are planning a trip to this country, you should definitely visit Thessaloniki.

It is the second-largest city in Greece, located on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The city itself and its surroundings boast many beautiful beaches, so you will definitely be able to fully relax, enjoy the sun, sunbathe on warm sand, and admire breathtaking sea views. Take a look at the list of the best beaches in Thessaloniki to have an unforgettable and vibrant vacation!

  • Neo Rissio Beaches are located 25 kilometers from Thessaloniki, near the town of Neo Rissio, where you can find several nice beaches with a total length of about 7 kilometers. Here, you will find a wide selection of cafes and restaurants with delicious food, bars with cocktails, and souvenir shops.
  • Perea Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the suburbs of Thessaloniki, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. The sand here is white and fine, and the water is clean and transparent, making it pleasant to sunbathe and swim in the warm sea.
  • Gialos Beach is best reached by going for a car rental in Thessaloniki, as it is located southwest of the city. Gialos Beach is surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests. To reach it, you can descend along a narrow serpentine road, enjoying magnificent views. Keep in mind that the beach itself is covered with stones. There aren’t many cafes and restaurants here, but the atmosphere is truly unique.
  • Agios Mamas Beach is located on the shore of the Aegean Sea, not far from the homonymous village. It is a small and cozy beach, covered with large and small stones. The water here is transparent and clean, and the panoramic views of the sea and mountains are breathtaking. There are several cafes and bars on the beach where you can try local dishes and enjoy refreshing drinks.
  • Nea Paralia Beach is situated on the western coast of the bay. It is a beautiful beach with a sandy cover and comfortable relaxation areas with sun loungers and umbrellas. There are also many cafes, restaurants, and bars here, and various events and concerts are often held directly on the beach, especially during the summer period.
  • Potamos Beach is located in a small bay. It is known for its beautiful nature, crystal blue water, and clean sand. Potamos Beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, and there are several restaurants nearby. Please note that it is far from crowded tourist areas, so it is rarely crowded here.
  • Metamorfosi Beach is an excellent place for a family vacation, as the beach is clean, safe, and well-equipped. Crystal clear water, warm sand, beautiful landscapes, and cozy cafes – everything is here for complete relaxation. During the peak season, it can be crowded here. If you find yourself at Metamorfosi Beach, you can also visit local attractions: a medieval castle and a monastery on the hill.
  • Palioúri Beach is located 115 kilometers away from the city. However, you won’t regret it if you go for a car rental in Thessaloniki and spend just over an hour to get to this place. It is situated on the Halkidiki peninsula and is one of the most popular beaches in Greece. The water here is crystal clear, the sand is golden, and Palioúri Beach itself is surrounded by dense pine forest, where you can hide from the heat in the shade of the trees. Additionally, here you can try your hand at parasailing or go water skiing.

How to find the time to see all the beaches in Thessaloniki

You already know that there are indeed many beaches for a great vacation in Thessaloniki and its surroundings. Each of them has its own unique atmosphere, so we recommend you to visit as many locations as possible during your trip. We will tell you more about how to do it easily.

  1. Plan your trip in advance. If you want to visit all the best beaches in Thessaloniki and beyond the city, you cannot do without a carefully thought-out travel plan. Look for information about all the beaches in this region, read reviews from other travelers, and choose the beaches you want to visit. Plan activities for each day and don’t forget to allocate enough time for trips, lunches at local cafes, and relaxation on the beach.
  2. Rent a car. Car rental in Thessaloniki will save you a lot of time since you won’t be dependent on the schedule of public transportation. Luckily, it’s very easy to do so: cars in Thessaloniki can be rented on the website of a car rental service, by booking the transportation in advance for the dates you need. Usually, you can specify a convenient location to pick up the car, and the rental process itself is straightforward and fast. Once you have the rented car, visiting all the best beaches in Thessaloniki will be much easier.
  3. Make efficient use of your time. Try not to deviate from your initial plan and avoid wasting time on trivial matters. If you want to manage to visit all the beaches, avoid long breaks and make the most of every moment.
  4. Don’t linger on the beaches. Each beach is unique, but it would be wrong to stay for a long time on just one of them. Allocate a few hours for relaxation on each beach and then set out to explore other picturesque places!
  5. Pay attention to peak hours. Some beaches in Thessaloniki are more popular among tourists and locals. If you’re visiting Greece during the high season and want to avoid crowds, choose early morning and evening hours to visit the most popular beaches.
  6. Visit multiple beaches in one day. Select beaches that are located close to each other. This will help you save travel time and visit several beautiful locations within a short period of time.
  7. Remember about safety . The sea entry varies on different beaches, so find out in advance about the water depth in a specific location, especially if you’re traveling with children. Also, always follow the lifeguards’ instructions, don’t swim far from the shore, and keep in mind that strong currents can occur in the sea.

And, perhaps, the last but not least important advice: enjoy your trip! Of course, you want to visit as many beaches as possible, but your main task is to relax and experience vibrant emotions.

If you plan your route in advance and make use of car rental in Thessaloniki, you have every chance to relax on the beaches and see local attractions, savoring every moment of an unforgettable vacation!

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