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Thinking about online banking, Royal Bank of Scotland is an entity that comes to mind first. Established in 1727 in Edinburgh, The RBS was Scotland’s second bank. Today, the bank has grown to employ more than 12,000 people and continues to serve 1.8 million individual customers and more than 110,000 business customers.

Royal Bank of Scotland Customer Service and History

The bank opened its second branch in 1783 in Glasgow and played an important part in supporting the industrial expansion of Glasgow and the entire West of Scotland. Royal Bank of Scotland Customer Service has been known for its innovation; the bank granted the world’s first-ever overdraft in 1728.

Talking about RBSCustomer Service triumphs, RBS was also the first clearing bank to offer house purchasing loans in 1972. Royal Bank of Scotland online services saw a new avenue in 2011 with its mobile banking app launch.


“One in five children who are affected by poverty in Scotland are helped by the STV Children’s appeal and the bank has worked towards its philanthropist goals. More than half a million dollars was raised for the noble cause by the bank’s customers and staff.”

“The bank has a new series of banknote. Scottish nature is celebrated in the designs of the banknote, with notable Scottish women featured. Since its foundation, the bank has been issuing money. Europe’s first multi-colored banknote was issued in 1777 and the British first double-sided banknote was issued in 1826.”

The daisy wheel dates back to 1969 and is made from stacks of coins to signify the concentration of wealth in customers.

Royal Bank of Scotland Share Price

Royal Bank of Scotland share price has seen an okay-ish year in 2022, with RBS share price standing at 218.50 GBX at the time of this articles’ publishing.

Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking

Royal Bank of Scotland digital banking and Mobile Banking services are available 24/7 for all your banking needs. In this world of technological advancement and massive digitization, RBS digital banking services are top-notch.

Read all you need to know about Technology.

Who owns the royal bank of Scotland?

82% of the RBS shares are in the ownership of the UK government, which bought the bank’s stock for £42 billion, representing at the time RBS share price at 50 pence per share.

Is Natwest part of the royal bank of Scotland?

NatWest is a major retail and commercial bank in the UK. The merger of National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank took place in 1968. It became part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2000.

Where is royal bank of Scotland headquarters?

The headquarters of RBS are in Edinburgh.

Is the RBS part of Halifax?

“The Halifax is a well-known British banking entity that used to be known as the Halifax Building Society. The Bank of Scotland’s trading division is a fully owned subsidiary of theLloyds Banking group.”

Boot Up Initiative

Scotland online baking and RBS are closely tied to the people and history of Scotland. The association between the bank and Scottish history and people is rich and has only deepened over the centuries. “Royal Bank of Scotland Online Banking” signifies how this relationship is valued.

Royal Bank of Scotland digital banking and customer service articulate how the bank serves the Scottish communities and makes sure to put the customers as the priority. However, this is not an endpoint, this relationship is the beginning of something new, and the next stage of Royal Bank of Scotland customer service is a factor targeted to nurture the relationship further.

Bonus Information

Royal Bank of Scotland opening times for business are Monday to Friday – 10 am – 3 pm!

RBS Online

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group is an international financial and banking services company. The bank has two main subsidiaries that offer a massive range of services and products including revenue based loans for commercial, personal, and large corporate and institutional customers.

RBS Subsidiaries

RBS subsidiaries include Charter One, Citizens, Ulster Bank, and Direct Line, among other popular brands. These subsidiaries cover various sectors such as UK Corporate, Wealth, Global Transaction Services, UK Retail, Ulster Bank, US Retail and Commercial, RBS Insurance, Global Banking and Markets, Central Functions, Business Services, and the Non-Core Division. Additionally, RBS explores opportunities in open banking services to expand its offerings and cater to evolving customer needs.

RBS UK | Retail Division

UK retail division provides a holistic and comprehensive range of financial services and banking products to the personal market. UK corporate division offers finance, banking along with risk management services to the small/ medium size enterprise sector and the big corporate entities in the UK. Bank provides a range of banking products and financial services via a nationwide network of relationship managers – and also through telephone and Royal Bank of Scotland Online Banking channels.

RBS | The Wealth Division

The wealth division of RBS offers private banking and investment services in the UK via Coutts & Co. and Adam & Co, along with offshore banking with RBS International, Isle of Man Bank, and NatWest Offshore, and international private banking services via Coutts & Co. Ltd.

RBS | Insurance Division

In addition to stellar RBSCustomer Service, the RBS Insurance division offer a huge range of general insurance products to customers via many well-known brands, which include but are not limited to; Churchill and Privilege along with Direct Line. The bank also offers third-party brand insurance services via its UKI Partnerships business.

The RBS Online Banking and More

RBS offers a complete range of insurance and banking services to business, personal and commercial customers. All of these, along with Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking, traditional branch banking, phone, RBS has also operated mobile branches since 1946 in converted vans in an effort to serve the rural areas. As of today, there are 19 mobile branches.

Scotland Online Banking

RBS online banking is a promise of innovation and advancement under which the bank undertook the first-ever trial of PayPass – a contactless debit and credit card in Europe. The bank is also launching Visa Debit cards with the new technology for current accounts, which can be utilized to pay for purchases up to £30 – simply via tapping the enabled card on the retailer’s terminal.

Royal Bank of Scotland Opening Times

The bank is taking initiatives and following strict guidelines to keep the services up and running for the customers. The RBS opening times are 10 am – 3 pm Monday to Friday; however, these timings are subject to change at short notice.

Royal Bank of Scotland Online Banking

In order to avoid queuing, below is a rundown of things you can do with the Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking and the bank’s app;

What do I want to do? RBS Digital Banking Services RBS Online Banking App
View balance and transactions
Make payments and transfers
Manage standing orders
Manage Direct Debits
Pay your credit card bill
Lock your debit card
Open accounts
Close accounts

Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking & App

  • Customers who are at least 11 years old are able to use the banking app. The app can be used in the UK and other countries with a compatible device.
  • For customers of more than 11 years of age, the RBS offers Digital Banking.

Royal Bank of Scotland near me

If you are looking for branches near you, try Royal Bank of Scotland near me. The branch locator helps determine the RBSOpening Times and closing. The branch locator is also helpful to see open branches and plan your visits accordingly.

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