What to Do After an Uber or Lyft Accident: A guide to Protecting Your Legal Rights

Uber-like cab services are globally popular and preferred over self-driving to reduce the chances of car accidents. But with the increasing popularity of taxi services, the chances of traffic and car accidents have also increased. When you book a cab and experience a road accident, you must determine ways to deal with the incident.

One must know his lawful rights and never allow anyone to exploit him in an unfortunate situation. Even if one takes a taxi and completely depends on the Uber driver, one must contact the Miami Uber accident attorney. The legal professional can help deal with your loss and provide everything per your rights.

This write-up lets you explore simple steps or tips you must follow after a Uber road accident. Anything serious can happen, and one cannot control it. But you must know how to handle the incident and protect your lawful rights.

1.  Get Medical Help

You must first care for your health after a road accident. A severe accident can lead to injuries or death to passengers and drivers in the shared cab. Without thinking about anything else, you must seek medical help.

You must call the ambulance and ensure everyone in the cab is doing well. It is crucial to note all the severe injuries and acquire medical attention immediately. If you experience a minor accident, your muscles will get sore, and you will get small injuries. When you report the incident, all your severe injuries will be noted, and legal action will occur later.

2.  Call the Cop

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When you receive medical help, you must call the cop and report all the details about the incident. The cop will ask for details about the incident, and you must mention everything. Your record will help you acquire the claim; therefore, you must be precise about all the incident details the cop asks for.

In every cab, emergency contact numbers are mentioned. One can call on those numbers and get police help. It is simple for the police department to track your vehicle and reach the exact location in less time. One can also describe the location and get immediate help.

3.  Report Uber Regarding the Accident

Uber drivers feel scared while reporting incidents to their employers due to fear of losing their job. But as a car passenger, you must report the case to the cab company. Even if your driver is uninterested in taking risks, you must act appropriately.

You can use the same app to report information like vehicle accidents with an accurate location. You can also directly call the Uber representative and describe all the details about the incident. You can assign this job to your attorney if you require help handling the cab company representative.

4.  Prepare Document that Supports the Accident Scene

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If anyone is not injured enough, one must take pictures of the vehicle from every angle. One can also ask to accomplish the task of taking the evidence. When the police arrived at the incident’s location, many things changed, and they could not witness what happened.

You can provide evidence by showing them pictures or videos. If anyone has witnessed the incident, you must contact them and get in touch. Documenting all your information regarding the road accident is necessary to show it as evidence.

5.  Take App Screenshots

Recording the application status from where you booked the ride is crucial. You must take screenshots from the app and gather proof of booking. You can also collect the insurance details of the driver if he suffered severe injuries.

Sharing the insurance details of the driver is quite important for filing the case. One can show the relevant details by presenting screenshots in court. You can show proof of taking the shared ride with an accurate location and route. One can strengthen your case by showing these screenshots.

6.  Prepare Medical Reports

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It will help if you take all the pictures of the injuries before you leave for the hospital after the incident. One can ask the doctor to prepare a medical report, where he must mention everything regarding your injuries and medicines. In severe cases, the doctor must mention details regarding the surgery or future health consequences.

Getting involved in any road accident can be quite traumatic. Even if not injured, one must consult a doctor and get medical help if required. To acquire the compensation, you must keep copies of bills and prepare proper documentation to support your injury status.

7.  Communicate with the Legal Expert

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Insurance organizations can interfere and prevent you from getting justice and compensation. One must involve a lawyer to manage your case and deal with everything legally. You must learn enough about the actions while experiencing any road accident through Uber rides. It is better to hand over your case to the legal expert and let them decide what to do next.

You can rely on them and determine your legal rights. Instead of taking immediate action, you must communicate with your lawyer and get legal help. The expert can help you get complete compensation without too much effort. Lawyers can do much more than argue in court and ask for justice. They can manage your case with their legal expertise and help you in many ways.

Final Thoughts

It can be unfortunate to experience a road accident with a cab driver. But you cannot leave it and suffer for your whole life. You must know what is crucial to accomplish after the incident. Sometimes, you may require clarification and determine various ways to handle the situation.

Following the steps mentioned in this guide, you can protect your rights and do what is right. You can call your lawyer to manage your road accident case if you require help figuring out things to do. With legal expert help, one can easily prepare for his case and get enough compensation if required.

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