Shopping For Canary Diamond Rings Online: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Canary gems have massive popularity among gem buyers in the market. These gems are named after canary birds because these gems resemble the bird’s color. These gems are vivid yellow and highly sought after in the market due to their beauty.

Buying these canary diamond rings in the online market can be challenging if the buyer does not have the required knowledge. There are many essential aspects the buyer needs to be aware of beforehand.

These uniquely beautiful gems are now trending and have a fantastic market share among fancy gems. Canary gems account for almost 60% of the total fancy gems market.

Checklist Before Purchasing The Canary Diamonds


The factor that makes these gems special is their color. The intensity and saturation decide its value in the market. Canary gems represent the most preferred and chart-topping gems on the market.

As the name suggests, these gems make buyers reminisce about canary birds. As both the gems and the bird are the same in color.

The four qualities such as color, carat, clarity, and cut. These are the crucial details buyers should understand before purchasing these gems online.


Many different color intensities are available in these gems. Out of all these colors, buyers should always go for the bright and intense colors as they represent the canary gems.


The factors which are considered for determining the quality of the gems are the same for both the color and colorless. When buying these uniquely beautiful gems, color is more important than clarity.


There are not more than a few cuts available. That can enhance the color abilities of a canary diamond. While purchasing canary diamond’s always go for pear, oval, radiant, and shaped cuts.


Buyers can choose the required amount of carats while purchasing the diamond. The amount of carats doesn’t affect the characteristics of a canary diamond.

Checklist While Purchasing Canary Gems Online


While many people prefer online shopping as it is a comfortable way for purchasing things without breaking a sweat. Buying these gems online has some challenges. So here’s the checklist to ensure buyers got a safe deal while online shopping.

  1. Always choose a trusted seller while buying gems online. Trusted sellers provide valuable information and suggestions for buyers while purchasing colored gems. Buying from unreliable sources always ends badly for the buyers.
  2. Check if the diamond is certified by a reputed organization such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Always Ask for the certificate while buying.
  3. Check the return policy of the seller. If the received order differs from what the buyer is expecting. Then they should be able to return the order.
  4. Always Compare prices in different online stores to ensure that the buyers secure a fair deal for the quality of gems.



These gems are uncommon and uniquely beautiful. Buyers need to understand and should have knowledge of a few aspects to protect themselves from potential fraud or scams from online sellers. Buyers should know about the four C’s and always ensure that everything is taken care of from the checklist.

Anita Kantar
Anita Kantar

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