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An amazing British Narrator and actress is named Rosamund Mary Ellen pike. She was born in London in 1979. She has been an actress since 1988. Then She is a member of the zodiac sign. Robie Uniacke is the husband of the actress and is a renowned mathematician.

There are many high-profile feature movies thatRosamund has been in. Over the years of her acting career,Rosamund has shown impressive growth. She is well-known in both the British and international movie industries.

There is more interesting information online. Read the article carefully to learn more aboutRosamund.

Rosamund Pike Profile Summary

Name: Rosamund Pike

Date of Birth: January 1979

Birth Place: Hammersmith London, England

Age: 42 years old

Nationality: British

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Ethnicity: English

Father: Julian Pike

Mother: Caroline Friend

Occupation: International Actress

Rosamund Pike’s Early Life

Rosamund Mary Ellen Pike is her full name. She was born on 27th January 1979 and Aquarius is her zodiac sign. Rosamund Pike is a British actress and shares American-British nationality. She was born in Hammersmith, London. Pike was the only daughter of famous opera singers Julian Pike & Caroline Friend.

“She finished her early education at Badminton School. The National Youth Theater was going to stage a production of Juliet. She was reached by an agent who polished her acting skills. She didn’t reveal her acting career until she attended Oxford University.”

Rosamund Pike was turned down by several acting schools but later she studied English Literature from Wadham College, Oxford. She was graduated in 2001 and perused her acting career. Pike can play both cello and piano very well. The actress is also fluent in English, German & French languages.

Rosamund Pike Family

Who is the husband of Rosamund Pike? The actress is married to a well-known businessman and mathematician researcher, Robie Uniacke. The couple first started dating in 2009. Rosamund is 17 years younger than her husband.

Robie Uniacke has three wives, one of which is called Pike. The husband and wife were 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 The love of her husband is growing by the day. In an interview she said that their marriage is based on mutual respect and understanding.

Rosamund Pike’s Age

According to research and sources,Rosamund was born in the United Kingdom in January 1979. As per 2021,Rosamund is 42 years old

What is Rosamund Pike Net Worth?

According to sources,Rosamund Pike is the owner of $9 million She is married to a successful businessman, but she is also a strong independent woman.

Physical Appearance

The slim build ofRosamund Pike is due to all gym training. She is only 130 lbs. What is the height ofRosamund pike? The British actress is taller than 5 feet. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall. The blond hair and blue eyes of Pike are appealing.

Previous Relationships

Before marrying Robie Uniacke, Pike was in a very romantic relationship with Simon Woods. The couple dates had seen each other from 1998 to 2002. Later, Pike & Simon were featured together in a movie named “Pride & Prejudice”.

In 2003, Rosamund started dating Jamie Theakston. He is a famous TV & Radio Presenter. Both were introduced to each other through a mutual friend. After her breakup with Theakston, she dated Joe Wright from 2005-2008. He is also a renowned name film director in British Industry. After some time, the couple got engaged. They were set to exchange vows in 2008. But they ended their wedding after a while due to disputes.

Rosamund Pike Children

The British actress has two cute boys with her husband Robie Uniacke. Pike gave birth to her first son Solo Uniacke on 6th May 2012 in the United States. Currently, he is only a 9 years old boy and resembles a lot with his mother. After two years, Rosamund gave birth to her second son Atom Uniacke. He was born on 2nd December 2014 and is currently 7 years old.

Social Media Appearance

Pike has at least 95.1K followers on Instagram. Rosamund also has active Facebook account with over 158.2k likes and 164.9k followers.


“Ever since she appeared in a TV series, stage plays, movies and shows,Rosamund Pike has been featured. She has a versatile personality and portrays many different characters. Let’s take a quick look at her career.”

Rosamund Pike TV Shows

Several Television series and shows have been cast in the actress.

  1. (1998) A Rather English: featured as Celia
  2. (1999) Wives and Daughter: Appear in three episodes in this TV show
  3. (2000) Trial & Retribution: she appeared in the episodes of Trial & Retribution IV as Lucy.
  4. (2001) Love in a Cold Climate: featured as Fanny in two episodes of this show.
  5. (2002) Bond Girls are Forever: it is a TV documentary and she appeared as herself.
  6. (2002) Foyle’s War: Featured as Sarah Beaumont in the dubbed episodes of The German Woman.
  7. (2008) The Tower: portray the role of Olivia Wynn
  8. (2009) Freefall: featured as Anna in this TV film
  9. (2011) Women in Love: featured as Gudrun Brangwyn in two episodes
  10. (2015-2020) Thunderbirds Are Go: featured in a total of 39 episodes of this show, she appeared as the voice of both Captain Ridley & Lady Penelope Creighton Ward
  11. (2018) Watership Down: appear as the voice of The Black Rabbit in Inle
  12. (2019 to still going) Momminvalley: so far, she appears in seven episodes and voices Moominmamma.
  13. (2019) State of Union: appear in ten episodes as Louise
  14. (2020) Thomas& Friends: represent the voices of Duchess

(Yet to announce) The Wheel of Time: she will appear as Moiraine Damodred and will be part of the main cast.

Rosamund Pike Stage Performances

She was still in college when she started her acting career. She appeared in stage dramas and directed some of them. Her most notable stage performances are as follows.

  1. (2002) Hitchcock & Blonde: featured in this play as The Blonde
  2. (2006) Summer & Smock: portray the character of Alma Wine miller
  3. (2007) Gaslight: appear as Madame De Sade
  4. (2010) Madame De Sade: appear as Hedda Gabler

Rosamund Pike Movies

At the age of 42, her acting career is still at its peak. She has some notable movies.

  • (2002) Die Another Day: she acted as blonde girl Miranda Frost
  • (2004) Promised Lady: the film is about Israel and she portrayed the character of Rose
  • (2004) The Libertine: featured as Elizabeth Malet
  • (2005) Pride & Prejudice: acted as Jane Banet
  • (2005) Doom: performed as Dr. Samantha Grim
  • (2007) Fracture: portrayed the character of Niki Gardner. Anthony Hopkins & Ryan Gosling were her co-stars.
  • (2007) Fugitive Pieces: featured as Alex
  • (2009) An Education: performed as Helen
  • (2009) Surrogates: acted as Maggie Greer
  • (2009) Yesterday We Were in America: performed as the Narrator in this documentary movie
  • (2010) Burning Palms: acted as Dedra Davenport
  • (2010) Jackboots on Whitehall: featured as the voice of Daisy
  • (2010) Made in Dagenham: performed as Hopkins
  • (2011) The Organ Grinder’s Monkey: it’s a short film and she was featured as Rochelle
  • (2011) Johnny English Reborn: performed as Kate Sumner
  • (2011) The Big Year: featured as Jessica
  • (2011) Wrath of Titans: she replaced Alexa Davalos as portrayed the character of Andromeda

“There was a conflict with the production team and that’s why Alexa dropped out.”

  • (2012) Jack Reacher: acted as Helen Rodin
  • (2013) The Devil You Know: acted as Zoe Hughes
  • (2014) A Long Way Down: featured as Penny in this movie
  • (2014) Hector & Search for Happiness: performed as Clara
  • (2014) What We Did on Our Holidays: Portrayed the role of Abi McLeod
  • (2014) Gone Girl: This movie was directed by David Fincher and Pike acted as my Elliott Dunne
  • (2015) Blind Date/Return to Sander: featured as Miranda Walls
  • (2016) A United Kingdom: performed as Ruth William Khama
  • (2017) A Man with the Iron Heart: starred in the movie as Line Heydrich
  • (2017) Hostiles: featured as Rosalie Quaid
  • (2017) Beirut: acted as Sandy Crowder
  • (2018) Entebbe: Pike was featured as Brigitte Kuhlmann in this movie
  • (2018) A Private War: acted as Marie Colvin
  • (2019) The Informer: she was featured as Wilcox in this movie
  • (2019) Radioactive: performed as Marie Curie
  • (2020) I Care A Lot: portrayed the character of Marla Grayson and featured in the post-production team of the movie

Awards & Nominations

Over the course of the year,Rosamund Pike has been nominated 58 times and won 30 awards. There are a number of successful wins.

  • The United States of America has an Academic of Science.

In 2015, she won the best actress category for Gone Girl.

  • Amy Awards were hosted by Primetime Amy.

She won the award in the category of Outstanding Actress in a Short Drama and Comedy series.

  • The Film Critics Association in Austin.

She won an award for the best actress role play in Gone Girl.

  • The British Independent Film Awards are held each year.

And She received an award for her role in The Libertine.

  • The Cinema Bloggers Awards are in Portugal.

She won an award for best actress. Her work in Gone Girl won her an international award.

  • The Denver Film Critics have Awards.

In 2015, she won an award for her work in Gone Girl.

  • The Detroit Critics Film Society awards.

She won the best actress award for her role in Gone Girl.

  • The film club is on a weekend.

But She won the best prize actress for Gone Girl.

  • Empire Awards are held in the United Kingdom.
  • In 2003 she won an award for her work in Die Another Day.
  • In 2015, she won the best leading actress award.
  • The Gold Derby Awards are for the best.

She won the award for Gone Girl in 2020.

  • The Film Critics Circle of Florida has an award.

And She won the best actress award for her work.

  • The Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards are held each year.

She won the best actress award for her role in Gone Girl.

  • The Nevada Film Critics Society is made up of film critics.

In Gone Girl, she won a leading actress award.

  • The Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Awards are held each year.

In 2015, she won the best actress award for her role in Gone Girl.

  • The Palm Springs International Awards are held each year.

She won the leading performance award for Gone Girl.

A British actress namedRosamund pike is now recognized as an international actress. She is a mother of two sons and has won several awards for her acting work.

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