Why is the Glow Worm Tunnel Worth the Trek in the Blue Mountains?

There are plenty of undiscovered places on earth that have not yet been ruined by us human beings. One of the best among them is the Glow Worm Tunnel, located in the Australian town of Helensburgh in New South Wales. It is undoubtedly one the most amazing locations on the planet comprising an abandoned railway tunnel that glows an eerie blue light at night.

If you’re someone who craves adventure, this tunnel could be the perfect spot to explore the beauty of nature and its creatures in their natural habitat.

Since the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage site is an enormous area, covering around 1.3 million hectares, it could be tough to explore it on your own. That’s where expert knowledge comes in handy. If you are planning to tour the glow worm tunnel walking track this year, we suggest you receive expert assistance to easily discover the lesser-known tracks and hidden spots in the mountains.

Here are some more fascinating features that make the Glow Worm channel worth visiting in the Blue Mountains once in your lifetime.

Offers An Adventurous Experience

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The ride from Lithgow to the Glow Worm Tunnel is bumpy. The 32km paths are crumpled, stoney, filled with potholes, sandy, steep, slim, and every mixture thereof. So, it is perfect for those who love off-roading and are physically fit. That’s why it is recommended not to take the path if you are with family or are above 40.

But fortunately, the channel and the strolling track to it are well-maintained and safe enough. One can experience complete peace and no noise on the path to the worms filling the space. Watching the creatures creating a blue ethereal image on the roof, walls, and floors is a delightful experience.

To make the most of the ride, remain on one side as you walk in, and you will notice the worms when you are far enough to lose the light from the entrance. Although it will take a little eye adjusting in the darkness, soon you will find many worms appearing in the dark. Make sure to bring a torch because it is dark, uneven, and wet inside the tunnel.

So, enjoy and plan the day for it!

Submerge Yourself in the Nature

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The initial phase of the walking track takes the explorers through a dense forest where they find themselves surrounded by nature. The trail is filled with ferns, canyons, pines, and pagoda rocks, giving stunning vistas of the surrounding valleys. Here you can take out your camera and click amazing pictures of the scenic track.

If you are exploring the place with a guide, you won’t need much guidance here. But if you are not hiring a guide, remember it will take around 30 minutes to arrive at the entrance. The trail leading to it gives a dramatic, exotic, and surreal feeling as it is surrounded by trees and rocks. It is the only spot where the trail diverges, so if you come across any other intersection, ignore it and stroll on.

The first 400 meters is a simple, lovely walk besieged by the jungle. You will even have a chance to tour above a little lake and climb a staircase blocked between the ridges.

Strolling in a Channel Feels Dreamy

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Have you ever walked inside a tunnel or had a dream about it? Whether your answer is yes or no, one thing is for sure – the experience is almost dreamy.

We promise walking inside the Glow Worm Tunnel will make all your dreams come true by giving you the most surreal experience you have ever imagined.

Once you arrive at the opening of the channel, hold the torch and begin the stroll. But if you wish to witness the beauty of worms, switch off any light source and remain still. It will give you the impression of standing under a constellation of stars where everything seems so beautiful that it is hard to believe it is true.

Without creating any noise, resume your trail to the other side of the channel to arrive at the Newnes Campground. Here are multiple intersections to different paths. You can choose any hiking trail you find the most suitable – the fastest, smoothest, longest, tenacious, or riskiest. But before picking one, it is crucial to acquaint yourself with the path and have everything you may need on the journey.

If you want to walk on a bold trail, the most suitable one is the Wolgan Valley Circuit path which is a mixture of three routes – rocky, rough, and underpass. This extraordinary traveler attraction in the Blue Mountains is worth visiting at least once.

Spend Some Time Away from City

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Although all the paths leading to and out of the channel are blissfully calm and tranquil, one stands out. If you have enough time to space, we suggest you choose the Wolgan Valley Circuit Trail to arrive at the channel. Since it is long, several travelers don’t take it, making it so peaceful that you will feel glad being away from the city noise.

This trail will make you feel like you have the entire forest to yourself. So, pack a tasty lunch and enjoy the gorgeous landscape dotted with pagodas and the perfect valley views. Since the temperature drops here, don’t forget to pack suitable clothing.

Wrapping Up

We hope reading this article encourages you to drop everything and plan your next trip to this place. It is one of the rarest places that let you enjoy the true beauty of nature under the light of a glowworm galaxy.

Don’t forget to turn your torch off now and then because you will appreciate the beauty of glow worms only in total darkness and realize how incredible they are. Spend at least five minutes or at most an hour inside the tunnel to obtain an out-of-this-world experience.

We promise you won’t regret visiting this place and admire it for many years to come!

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